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Commercial Appraisals 


A commercial real estate appraisal can be complicated. Despite this fact, commercial real estate appraisals are often considered the heart of all real estate activity. Keeping this in mind, nothing is more important than selecting an experienced and competent appraiser who will deliver high-quality valuation work on time.
What is a typical turn-around time for a commercial property & real estate appraisal?
Commercial appraisals are complicated and take many hours to complete. Typically, commercial appraisals take two to three weeks, from start to finish. If you’re short on time, we provide expedited completion times at an additional cost.

Accurate Assistance
Placing value on a commercial property purchase is the key to making future profits and avoiding potential loss. Investors need a simple but accurate way of determining both the current value and the future earning potential of their desired commercial property purchase.
Small business owners have a lot to digest when it comes to the subject of commercial real estate. If you're looking to complete an appraisal on a piece of property, it’s important that you reach out to one of our experienced professionals. Whether you would like to buy commercial property, sell commercial property, or establish value for lease or other reasons, we’ve got you covered.
Certified Assessments
Our appraisers follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice as promulgated by the appraisal foundation, which, among other things, requires them to provide an unbiased opinion. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action from the state, including revocation of an appraiser's certification. If an appraiser refuses to do something you ask for, it is probably because of the obligation to adhere to these ethics.

True Confidentiality 
The client is the party that orders an appraisal. If the appraisal is for financing, the lender is the client. Appraisers are obligated to maintain client confidentiality, so if you are the borrower or any other party, the appraiser cannot release the appraisal report or any other confidential information to you. If you order an appraisal as part of a property tax appeal or condemnation, all results are confidential for clients and the court systems. 


Church & Not-For-Profit Appraisals

Churches, schools, and institutional facilities represent difficult property classes to appraise. There are often few (if any) property-based comparisons, and when they do exist, they may not correlate with the subject property's characteristics. In these instances, strong judgment is critical. 

Industrial Appraisals

The industrial sector represents one of our primary areas of market focus and research. Whether it is for industrial property tax appeals, bank financing, or insurance purposes, our professionals are standing by to address your requests.

We can assess all sorts of industrial properties, providing a comprehensive survey of the different factors an appraiser must consider when valuing industrial real estate. We cover all bases, ensuring your ultimate satisfaction.

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